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Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs) are plans, funded in whole or in part by one’s employer, intended to underwrite the cost of a variety of services on behalf of the employee. Typically counselling is one such service. At RGA Psychological & Counselling Services, one or more of our practitioners are recognized as providers for the EAPs listed to the right.

To determine if you have coverage through an EAP with your employer (or through the benefits of a family member), contact your human resources department. In addition, as the level of coverage (numbers of sessions allowed, types of counselling funded, etc.) varies widely from program to program, you are advised to confirm these limitations in advance. Certain EAP programs may require that you see a specific counsellor.

As with all our services, EAP-funded sessions are completely confidential.

While our practice is structured to address a wide variety of problem areas, occasionally the need to “refer out” to other services will present. Our relationships with community and area agencies, institutions, and individual resources are well established to facilitate this referral process.